The 10 tales and stories of Chile best

The primary stories and stories of Chile is pertaining to breathtaking and ruthless people, magical wild birds, giants and mythological aquatic creatures. In each zone of the nation various stories can be seen, and all of are part of the Chilean tradition.

Chile, like rest of the South US nations, has actually a millenary tradition which includes created a certain myths through years. These signs narrated commonly bring repercussions for the Chilean people nowadays, creating big rooting.

The set of urban myths and tales that represent Chilean myths has its source in happenings and methods that previously had a ritual character. These turned a tradition as time passes, adjusting to every latest historical and personal time without dropping the essence of the articles.

a country like Chile has been and is still the home of several ethnicities and cultures having survived centuries. With this it gets that the myths and legends of Chile have actually local attributes, based on their own place of source, actually becoming classified under these requirements.

These signs currently separated through the northern, main and southern areas of Chilean area, such as stories and fables of remote sovereign areas, for example Easter Island and the Chilo? archipelago.

Top stories and urban myths of Chile

۱- La Lola

This legend is one of the most well liked among the exploration forums of northern Chile. It moves round the looks of a female pulling a black coffin by which lay the stays of the girl murdered husband. She exhibits herself to men as a lovely woman; should they appear and follow their, they perish.

The storyline tells that this lady comes crazy and runs away from this lady house or apartment with a miner. Then starts to getting a victim of deception, so she chooses to destroy the woman partner with a dagger. The woman flees on mountains with shouts, to reappear later, disheveled and ready to kill exactly who killed this lady spouse.

۲- The Pachayatas

The legend of the Pachayatas tells an admiration story between two teenage boys, prince and princess, owned by competing tribes. Both tribes attempt to end the connection of enthusiasts; however, do not succeed continually.

Prior to the force of the appreciate, character plus the gods deliver indicators to your tribes in order that they transform her mindset and let the young people to be together; they ignored.

Up against impotence, both people give up the students princes. The gods punished the tribe by giving natural whips toward part, until there clearly was nothing remaining and no any remaining. Over the years two lakes had been produced in identical room where in fact the people stayed, in honor into love of the two enthusiasts.

۳- The Alicanto

Its a mythological animal from the north and main area for Chile. Truly a delightful bird around the corner, unable to fly, that wanders through forests and mountains.

People say that the person who follows it would be guided to many gifts, however, if the bird becomes conscious truly used, it will mislead anyone, triggering their unique reduction and dying.

۴- The lagoon in the Inca

The legend appears in place of alike term: a lagoon definitely considered provide for all the Inca Illi Yupanqui to depart her feathers of adore. The Inca prince laments since Princess Kora-lle died. Yupanqui, not able to rescue her, deposited the girl human anatomy in lagoon, whose waters switched a pinkish shade.

In Inca the guy wept their precious till the conclusion of his days. You can find hearsay that indicate that these days it is possible to however notice the whines of Illi Yupanqui about finance companies associated with the lagoon that carries his identity.

۵- La Calchona

This legend centers around witchcraft and says to the story of a female who had potions becoming an animal. She used all of them every evening to full cover up from the girl household, after spell- ing them so that they would not wake up using their desires.

One night the woman young children discover this lady and also drink the potions, becoming foxes. The father finds out them and, after achieving to come back these to the normality, ruins the potions of this witch and departs the house.

The girl returns might merely get back half the woman human anatomy to normalcy, roaming like a half-sheep and half-woman animal.

۶- The Gualicho

For a number of associated with the Patagonian people, particularly the Tehuelches, the Gualicho is a mythological entity that shows all of the evils that guy can sustain; the worldwide wicked.

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The Gualicho cannot bring man form, but rather it really is about every little thing about the environmental surroundings that contains about it a sinister or dark weight.

This has been mentioned that the Spaniards misinterpreted the negative qualities of this Aboriginal organization, evaluating they and spreading it as the Catholic devil.

۷- Ayayema

It’s another nature without certain form; in such a case, has actually a normal evocation, getting the explanation for stronger gusts of wind that hit particular regions.

The area people sealed a chaotic, though maybe not totally wicked personality. It had been the Spaniards who were responsible for demonizing him when comparing his activities with those of the devil.

People say that the Ayayema ??visits the tour camps. When your consult is actually identified through a good smell of rot definitely believed to mention their nearness, the camp ought to be gone to live in protect against Ayayema ??from damaging they.

۸- Patagonian Giants

This legend develop in the times during the the Spanish outings into the south area.

The publications associated with explorers concerned point out personal numbers significantly more than two yards higher, with great physical structure and curious and superstitious motions.

۹- La Pincoya

Truly an aquatic mythological creature with which has personal form, with attributes much like the sirens but without a wicked personality.

He often emerges through the depths of this water and walks in the coast, suggesting to sea guys whether future fishing shall be scarce or abundant.


Its perhaps one of the most crucial deities associated with the Polynesian literary works, from where comes into the world its myth regarding the creation of society.

The Make-Make displaced the other gods by satisfying the prayers for delicacies the Polynesians made inside their honor.